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A New $1,000 Coaching Client: Business Coach Marketing

By on June 7, 2012
A New $1,000 Coaching Client: Business Coach Marketing

Four weeks ago, I started coaching with the Coaches’ Coach. The main frustration with my business coach marketing has been the inconsistent flow of qualified leads and clients. We started right away working on referrals strategy to start generating leads. I put up a list of 45 customers and ex-customers, and made appointments with two of them. First client gave me a list of eight referrals. When I called the second referral, he said: “Thanks for calling, I’m interested in a one-on-one program.” We met two days later and I sold him into a $1,000 per month one-on-one business coaching program!

Juan B., Business Coach, Mexico

Eric Dombach

About Eric Dombach

Eric Dombach is the Founder of Coaches’ Coach. In 2001, he founded a business coaching firm that, by 2005, was generating more than $1 million USD in revenue, 23% operating profit, and average annual growth rate of 140% per year. In 2005, he sold the firm to 4 of his employees for $1 million U.S. dollars, generating a return on capital of more than 800%. Since then he has trained more than 1,300 independent and franchise business coaches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets.

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