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How to Get 2 Business Coaching Courses Worth $1,694 for FREE!

By on May 10, 2013

How to Get 2 Business Coaching Courses Worth $1,694 for FREE!


Okay, I’m about to tell you how you can get 2 of our most popular business coaching courses for FREE!

But first…

We’ve just released my book called The Million Dollar Business Coaching Firm and I’m getting a lot of questions about HOW IT’S DIFFERENT from my other books and everything else ‘out there’.

It’s very simple.

It is THE ONLY BOOK in the world that gives you the PROVEN system to build a coaching firm you can sell for a million dollars or more and do that in 4 years or less.

Can’t be much more specific than that!

But here’s a bit more detail about what you’ll discover:

• How I went from broke ex-pastor to millionaire in just four years.
• The 3 critical factors that define a million dollar coach – and how to get them if you don’t have them!
• Why 95% of business coaches never achieve the success they want and how to simply step up into the elite 5% how achieve wealth and freedom.
The Proven 5 Step System to a Million Dollar Coaching Firm You Can Sell for a Million Dollars in 4 Years or Less (Don’t be fooled by its simplicity).
• The FIVE fastest ways to more of the ideal clients than you know what to do with!
• Why NOW is IDEAL TIME to be a coach and sell for a million dollars.

If that’s of interest to you – you’ll need a copy of the book. So here’s the deal. .

When you order my book called The Million Dollar Business Coaching Firm I’ll also send you TWO powerful bonuses worth $1,694.00 for free!

BONUS #1: The E-Marketing Pipeline Video Course for Business Coaches (normally $697).  

You’ll discover:

• The EXACT blueprint for a website layout that produces real results with NO GUESSWORK REQUIRED. This section alone can save you thousands in web-site set-up costs and make you thousands in terms of high-traffic conversion percentages!
• How to use squeeze pages (also known as lead capture pages), blogs, sales pages, and more to clearly and effectively direct your visitors where you want them to go, and then convert your visitors into paying customers
• How to build a list of thousands of your target prospects, including email addresses…
• How to choose top quality out-sourced service providers – and save yourself hours of hassle and heartache, not to mention thousands and thousands of dollars!
• How to set up payment agreements with outsources so that you’re never at risk, while ensuring your place at the top of their priority list week in and week out.
• How to track your stats so you know how to get a GREAT ROI on all your eMarketing dollars!
• Our proven strategies for attracting high-quality, super-targeted traffic that EXACTLY matches your ideal client profile – regardless of whether you’re looking for local or niche prospects…
• Our favorite offline marketing strategies that will increase your online results…
• Some of our best, super stealthy “ninja” moves for adding hundreds of social media contacts within days and turning them into hot leads…
• How to use email marketing effectively: including how to add maximum value, when and how to pitch, and how maximize your open rates on all your emails…
• Our best kept secrets to filling and hosting webinars and teleseminars that get your prospects ready to buy…
• Secrets of highly effective membership sites that provide you completely passive, recurring revenue month after month after month

PLUS, you’ll also get an entire library of done-for-you marketing material and sales copy, created by my personal copywriter.  This is top-quality, high-value material that will help you educate, entertain, and build quality relationships with your prospects and clients. These professional resources are FREE for you to plug-and-play as-is OR adapt for your own niche and specific use.

BONUS #2: The Rock Star Selling System Video Course for Business Coaches (normally $997).

You’ll discover:

• How to use our Coach Control Center, THE BEST business building and sales planning tool for business coaches on the planet…
• How to create your sizzling hot bio so that prospects are falling over themselves to work with you…
• How to use my 5-step follow up system to increase your phone appointment show rates from 10% to 90%…
• How to use an AUTO-SCHEDULER so that your sales appointments are booked automatically while you sleep…
• The exact FOLLOW-UP SEQUENCE (or AUTORESPONDER SERIES) I use to qualify and prepare prospects for EVERY meeting – available for you to just plug and play…
• How to use “eye candy” to appeal to your prospects on a deeply satisfying level…
• How to have that 30 minute PRE-sales meeting phone consultation known as the Silver Bullet call, to build rapport with your prospects, uncover their pain points, and get them really motivated to meet with you and make a decision about coaching ON THE SPOT…
• How to OVERCOME the top 10 objections to business coaching, which is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT skill you can master to improve your sales.  This one skill alone will probably double your conversion rate…
• How to quickly and easily produce sophisticated financial reports using the same analysis software we use.  I have never seen it’s equal in terms of making you, as a business coach, look like complete financial analysis super-stars. And you’re going to learn exactly how to use it…
• The 17 P’s of a 100% conversion rate in 1-on-1 sales meetings…
• How to close with the Profit Equation — we’ll teach you how to master it and effortlessly explain your value to your prospects in a way that compels them to take action…
• Our top FOUR closing techniques for business coaches – strategies, wording, and positioning that you’ve probably never heard of but that are PROVEN to work in consultative selling situations like the ones we’re in every day…

PLUS, you’ll also get all the templates and forms you need, including: the Hot Bio template, sales binder templates, the full text of follow-up sequences we use, both before AND after the Complimentary Coaching Session, objection handling cheat sheets, the actual coaching agreement we’ve developed for use by coaches the world over, your Complimentary Coaching Session scorecard, and much more!


I know what you’re thinking: WHY is he doing this? Why is he giving all this away for FREE?

Well it’s not entirely unselfish.

1. Yes, I truly believe that you gotta ‘give to get’.
2. But, I’d also really appreciate it if you can review my book for me so others can see just how valuable it is.

Sound fair?


Get The Million Dollar Business Coaching Firm now and I’ll send you TWO powerful bonuses worth $1,694.00 for free!

Talk soon!

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Eric Dombach is the Founder of Coaches’ Coach. In 2001, he founded a business coaching firm that, by 2005, was generating more than $1 million USD in revenue, 23% operating profit, and average annual growth rate of 140% per year. In 2005, he sold the firm to 4 of his employees for $1 million U.S. dollars, generating a return on capital of more than 800%. Since then he has trained more than 1,300 independent and franchise business coaches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets.

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