How to Become a Business Coach
How to Become a Business Coach

Why Business Coaching Rock Stars Give Stuff Away

By on May 1, 2019
Business Coach Marketing Secrets: Cut Through the Noise

We live in a world where people see an estimated 5,000 ad messages daily. That amounts to an ad every ten seconds during waking hours.

People are tired of it.

These days, lots of ads don’t go straight for the sale. They want you to exchange something–say your time or your contact information–for something of value upfront, so that they can entice you to buy further down the road.

That worked really well for a while, but guess what?

People are tired of that, too.

The premise remains solid: Provide useful, actionable information they can try out. Be creative and entertaining. Speak to their deepest desires for lasting success–and satisfy their appetite with quality content that makes them realize you really can help them.

But the strategies have shifted.

Now it’s not just about giving stuff away. Now you should…

Give stuff away and ask for nothing–literally nothing–in return, not even an email address.

That doesn’t mean you get rid of all your lead magnets.

But it does mean that you think more about high-value content and tools you can provide with no strings attached.

For example, on our website, we created an entire page devoted to absolutely free downloads that anyone can access at NO cost and with NO opt-in required.

These are some of our best, most popular business coaching tools and templates…and we give them away.

Some of our competitors laughed when they saw it.

But it’s a strategy that has paid massive dividends in the months and years since we put that page up.

It shows our target clients–business coaches–that we’re serious about helping them succeed, that we’re not going to “nickel and dime” them to death, that we’re willing to give a lot before we get anything in return.

This blog is another example. We now have hundreds and hundreds of high-value business coaching tips, tricks, and tools that our audience can search and implement instantly.

We don’t know who’s reading each post.

It’s enough to know that many coaches around the world are, and are getting tremendous value from the work we put into it.

So how can you make this strategy work in your business coaching practice?

As you create content to share with your clients, think less about your needs…and more about your prospects’. Anticipate what’s on their mind. Answer their burning questions. Give them tools to help them succeed.

And do it all before you ask for anything–I mean anything–in return.

As you create content to share with your clients, think less about your needs...and more about your prospects'. Anticipate what's on their mind. Answer their burning questions. Give them tools to help them succeed.

Soon enough, you’ll wind up a business coaching rock star, too. 😉

Eric Dombach

About Eric Dombach

Eric Dombach is the Founder of Coaches’ Coach. In 2001, he founded a business coaching firm that, by 2005, was generating more than $1 million USD in revenue, 23% operating profit, and average annual growth rate of 140% per year. In 2005, he sold the firm to 4 of his employees for $1 million U.S. dollars, generating a return on capital of more than 800%. Since then he has trained more than 1,300 independent and franchise business coaches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets.