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Business Coach Training: The Importance of Rest

By on March 28, 2013
Business Coach Training: The Importance of Rest

You won’t find to much business coach training on the subject of rest. Many business coaches live as if the only path to success is through sustained, tireless effort. The truth is that hard work is essential but so is rest. If you aren’t finding the time to relax and refuel you are putting yourself and your business at risk.

None of us is superhuman. We all run out of energy and our ability to think and analyze deteriorates when we overwork ourselves. How productive will we be when depleted? The more you stay balanced in your work, rest, and play, the more successful you’ll be. If you deal with stress by pushing yourself, you’ll experience burnout, low productivity, reduced creativity, failed relationships, stress, and stress-related physical ailments. No one, if asked, would admit to wanting to pursue success at the risk of quality of life. So, go on vacation, take some time off, unwind, relax and have some fun.

Here are some principles to remember about de-stressing by resting:

  1. Everybody needs to recharge. Your ability to think and analyze deteriorates as your stress level increases. You have to remember that, as a business coach, your mind is your powerhouse. Give it the chance to recharge!
  2. Boost your physical and mental health. Studies show that stress and too much work causes depression, heart diseases and stomach ulcers. Your money is better spent on good investments, and not on medication or hospitalization.
  3. Improve your mood and attitude. Your main job as a business coach is to inspire and motivate. That’s almost impossibly if you are in a bad mood. Taking a break every now and then will keep you positive.
  4. Improve the quality of your relationships. Think about why you started your business in the first place.  Odds are that it had something to do with improving the central relationships in your life. Time off from work is vital to healthy marriages, families, and business partnerships.

Imagine how much better you will feel when you find the time to recover and refuel yourself. You’re not only improving your productivity but also the quality of your life. Don’t just live to work. Work to live!

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Eric Dombach is the Founder of Coaches’ Coach. In 2001, he founded a business coaching firm that, by 2005, was generating more than $1 million USD in revenue, 23% operating profit, and average annual growth rate of 140% per year. In 2005, he sold the firm to 4 of his employees for $1 million U.S. dollars, generating a return on capital of more than 800%. Since then he has trained more than 1,300 independent and franchise business coaches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets.

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