How to Become a Business Coach
How to Become a Business Coach

A Day in the Life of a Successful Business Coach

By on February 1, 2019

As much as anything, success is about habits–what I like to call doing the right things in small amounts over a long period of time. But how does that translate to day-by-day living? What’s a day in the life of a successful business coach really like?

Everyone is different, so you’ll find the rhythm that works for you, but it helps to have models. So I thought I’d share mine with you.

By the way, I highly recommend creating a default daily calendar–that is to say, craft a pattern for how will you spend each day, based on what you need to do to hit your goals. For best results, schedule your day in chunks: for example, marketing/sales activities in the morning, coaching calls in the afternoon. This way you can keep focused without interruptions–and you never have to wonder to what to do next!

Craft a pattern for how will you spend each day, based on what you need to do to hit your goals. This way you can keep focused without interruptions--and you never have to wonder to what to do next!

With that said, on to the example…

A Day in the Life of a Successful Business Coach

7:00 a.m. Review Your Vision Book and Affirmations.
This means look over your goals and objectives. It’s important to do this daily, to remind yourself why you do what you do, so you can stay motivated as you work to become a successful business coach.

7:30 a.m. Take Care of Administrative Details.
Catch up on random emails or anything that will distract you if you don’t deal with it now.

8:00 a.m. Phone Fun.
This is your chance to talk with leads, contacts, and prospects. I don’t advocate spending a lot of time cold-calling. A little bit here and there is okay, but cold-calling is less effective than other lead-generation strategies, and you’d be better served by outsourcing it or deploying marketing campaigns to bring prospects to you. So by “Phone Fun,” I mean talking to prospects and contacts you are nurturing.

11:30 a.m. Network Over Your Lunch Hour.
This could include attending networking lunches, or better yet, taking prospective referral sources or strategic partners out for a meal.

1:00-5:00 p.m. Coach Your Clients and Prospects.
This can include client coaching, or Complimentary Coaching Sessions with prospects who are far along in the sales process. You might be out visiting companies in your area or you might be meeting over the phone.

5:00 p.m. Review Your Affirmations and Vision Book Again.
Start and end your day with a review of your big WHY. Then leave your work until the next day. Time away from work is as important as productive time to keep you fresh and energized.

If you think you can get the hang of a daily schedule similar to what you see above, you just
might have what it takes to succeed in business coaching! Looking for more insight as you get into the business coaching business? Check out our FREE ebook, How to Become a Business Coach!

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Eric Dombach is the Founder of Coaches’ Coach. In 2001, he founded a business coaching firm that, by 2005, was generating more than $1 million USD in revenue, 23% operating profit, and average annual growth rate of 140% per year. In 2005, he sold the firm to 4 of his employees for $1 million U.S. dollars, generating a return on capital of more than 800%. Since then he has trained more than 1,300 independent and franchise business coaches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australasian markets.